Fitting Spare Parts

Keg Exchange

Fitting type A

Body RS-AS Standard Body RS-ABS Body RS-AS, wheat beer

Sealing Ring RS-AS O-Ring RS-ABS CO2 Valve CO2 Valve Washer Circlip ABS

Spring AS, ABS, AS wheat beer Downtube AS, ABS, AS wheat beer Tamper evident Ring ABS Rivets

Fitting type S

Body RS-SR Body RS-SOS Body RS-SJ Body RS-SBS

Integrated Seal Sealing Ring SOR, SJ O-Ring SOS, SBS CO2 Valve CO2 Valve Retaining Plate Beer Valve

Safety device RS-SR Beer Spring CO2 Spring RS-SBS Downtube Circlip SOS, SBS Tamper evident ring RS-SBS

Fitting type M

Body RS-MBS Body RS-MSR Sealing Ring O-Ring CO2 Valve CO2 Valve Retaining Disc

Beer Valve Spring CO2 Spring Downtube Circlip RS-MBS Tamper evident ring MBS

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